The Keeper’s Realm

The Keeper’s Realm by Bre Faucheux (2013)
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the keeper's realm
YA Fiction | Paranormal | Romance
3.5 Stars

“Ashlyn Drakes doesn’t know if her ability is a gift or a curse. Since she was a child she could see things no one else could, the memories of those long past. Scenes of violence and human atrocity display before her as if she has stepped back in time to witness them.

That is until Damien appears, and tells her the truth. She’s a Keeper, a guardian of the Realm of the Living, charged with closing portals so darker forces can’t be released.

But Damien has a past, one that could haunt and potentially devastate Ashlyn’s very existence.”

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

This novel is definitely a romance and definitely a paranormal story. It’s brimming with ghosts, demons, memories, realms, and “angels” all dancing before a historical New Orleans backdrop. As the scent of spicy gumbo wafts down the street and roaring jazz taps into your blood Ashlyn discovers that she is a Keeper with the ability to live many lives and travel between the Realm of the Living and the Realm of the Dead. Informed of her duty to close portals and guided by her Maven/her 200+ year long beau Damien, Ashlyn must learn quickly the rules of the game and the dangers that go along with it.

As Ashlyn comes to terms with her lineage she finds herself falling deeply for Damien and rebelling against the rules keeping them apart and requesting that she marry a human living in her era. To make matters worse a wife from one of Damien’s past-lives becomes enraged and jealous mutating into a demon and slicing portals between realms hell-bent to destroy them and steal their souls for power and revenge.

Faucheux has managed to write a very interesting and unique take within the paranormal genre. The plot is always evolving, always moving, and always building as it launches you from a cannon on the first page and explodes on the last. Plenty of suspense, plenty of slow romantic tension, and a plethora of classic creepy scenes filled with murder, possession, and horror.

A heart-aching story of romance intertwines with a bone-chilling tale of Keepers and their ghosts to share the thrilling novel that is The Keeper’s Realm.


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Meet Bre Faucheux!

Bre Faucheux

I wrote THE ELDER ORIGINS and THE KEEPER’S REALM. I love Florence + the Machine, Southern Comfort, Spaghetti, and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.
This has been my bio.

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