A Game of Vampires

A Game of Vampires (V Games #0.5) by Caroline Peckham (2018)
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a game of vampires

Novella | YA Fiction | Historical Paranormal
4 StarsBlurb:

“A 20K Prequel Novella to The Vampire Games Series

I’m ready to pull off the biggest con of my life. The only problem? The Lord I serve has just brought me to an island whilst he attends something called the ‘V Games’.

I was set to spend a week in this icy place where the sun never rises, staying in a castle owned by a peculiar couple called the Helsings. But everything’s changed.
Vampires exist. And this is no game. It’s pure hell.
And the worst thing? The love of my life is one of the contestants.

If I don’t save her, no one will.

I’m coming for you, Evangeline.”

Book One: V GAMES

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this novella for review!

This was a really fun novella for fans of the V Games trilogy! (And a good taste of what’s to come for readers unsure if they want to commit to the series). We get a glimpse into Varick before humanity began to seep back into his heart, Mercy Helsing as an innocent child, and the games as unchanged in neither patron nor bloodlust by time. But there is a twist. While the V Games give us a first person view of participating in the Games, this novella was a sweet romance with a dark twist as two people fall in love only to have their dreams shattered when Evangeline is kidnapped for the Games and Jonah accompanies his master, a guest of this brutal entertainment.

But of course Jonah isn’t about to sit back and watch his beloved get torn apart by rabid vampires that until that moment he didn’t even believe existed, but he’ll be surprised by just how capable his sweet Evangeline is at saving herself.

It’s short, it’s cute, and it’s somehow still packed with just as much action and adrenaline as the full series. If you enjoyed Season One of the V Games then you’ll love this quick treat as well. Or if you’ve yet to read her other books then this is an excellent way to test the waters.


amazon icon_tiny Purchase Here: A Game of Vampires

Check out the rest of the series! V Games (book 1), V Games: Fresh from the Grave (book 2), V Games: Dead Before Dawn (book 3)

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