Spotlight: Revenge de los Muertos

I couldn’t resist putting together a lil spotlight post for an upcoming release that I am SO excited for! Author Talis Jones has a new series coming out and this time she’s selected the urban fantasy genre. As you all know, I read almost every genre out there but when I need something fun, something to take me away from whatever is causing me stress in my life, I often turn to paranormal or urban fantasy (the difference between the two remains largely unknown to me, I admit). There’s just something about magic or the supernatural set in a world of Walmarts, roller rinks, and student loans that is fun to me. It’s our world, but with a little extra.

But back to this new series I want to talk about!

Fifth Sun is an urban fantasy series (I’m getting an upper YA or NA vibe) that takes witches, vampires, werewolves, and the like and gives them an Aztec-inspired twist. This sounds refreshing and I really hope it is. I could read the old tropes over and over again, but it always peaks my interest when an author tries to make it their own and do something different, I think. I certainly looking forward to this new twist. (New to me, anyway. There may be other similar book out there that I just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.)

Revenge de los Muertos
(Fifth Sun #1)
Talis Jones
YA/NA Urban Fantasy
November 02, 2021

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Selah’s biggest dilemma was trying to decide what to study in college. That is, until she stumbled across a clue to the grandparents she’d never met and hopped on a plane to Mexico where she would discover an entire hidden world of magic and monsters. Her best friend was a bruja, the Chupacabra was more than a myth, and she’d inadvertently caught the attention of the terrifying Blood King with golden eyes. What started as a two-week vacation quickly devolved into an adventure she might never return from. 

Día de los Muertos had almost arrived and the monsters were on the hunt.

As of yet, the cover remains a mystery, but I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT. I’m sure it’ll be spooky, magical, and perfect for my shelf. And guess what, fellow book bloggers!! Xpresso Book Tours (whom I’ve worked with often in the past) just posted sign-ups for a Book Blitz celebrating the release of Revenge de los Muertos! I know I’m going to sign up Pooled Ink and I hope you’ll consider giving this lesser known author some support. I’m really excited to see how this series turns out!

Sign up to participate in the Book Blitz HERE!

*Note: The banner and Catrina art piece above are not official by any means. I just thought they fit well for this post and the official cover hasn’t been released yet.

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Talis Jones is a Mexican-English author of magic and mischief. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Theatre she has explored both stage and film, now finding herself drawn towards the literary world as a new venue for storytelling. 

Dog mom, Broadway enthusiast, and life-long bibliophile, Talis currently resides in North Carolina.

Find out more about Talis and her books at

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