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So today’s post is purely aesthetic 😊 We’ve discussed before how important a book’s cover is, it’s the first impression one usually gets with a book and can either convince you to whisk it off the shelf or wrinkle your nose in distaste. No one wants to be walking around reading a book with a stupid cover in public 😉 So I figured I’d put together this purely fun post where I share some of my favorite cover art! I have not read all of these books (some are still on my TBR list) and some aren’t even my favorite stories, but I do love all of their covers.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some but I think this post is long enough as it is haha 😊 Definitely comment with your own favorite book covers!

The Bone Season

Chronicles of Narnia

chronicles of narnia

The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave

Freedom is Space for the Spirit

Freedom is space for the spirit

George Orwell

Grisha Trilogy



Hunger Games Trilogy

Nevernight Series

Nora and Kettle

Nora & Kettle

The Outsiders

Passenger Duology

Red Queen

red queen



Shatter Me Trilogy



Six of Crows Duology

Twilight Saga

Vengeance Road + Retribution Rails


So what are some of your favorite covers?? Definitely let me know! I’m sure if I took extra time to scroll through all the books I’ve read on Goodreads I’d want to add a hundred more to my list (although there are also a bucket of terrible covers for every good one lol)! Well, this was a fun post so I might do it again because books are always being published and redesigned so ya never know what might catch your eye!

9 thoughts on “Cover Love

    1. Hmm…they’re just so eye-catching but without being flashy. They’re more artistic and some are metaphorical or symbolic to the story rather than being blunt or declarative. Ha! I’m sounding so nerdy right now! 😜 Mostly I think it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, they just happen to really draw me in. I like covers that are creative and I’m a fan of either a simple & clean aesthetic, or something that you can look at for hours and find new details. And then some are just pretty haha 😄

      And I’m definitely a cover person too. The cover is the first thing I see and if it looks blehh then there’s almost no chance I’ll even read the blurb on the back.

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